Since our program began, over 100 host families, mentors, and work placements have been provided.

Those involved in securing or providing these opportunities do so voluntarily. As they have willingly engaged in this program they have grown to know and love our Fellows. If it weren't for our committee, volunteers, and the prayers of so many there would be no Second Presbyterian Church Fellows Program.

The Fellows Steering Committee:

Kem Wilson,  Chairman

Kem Wilson, Chairman

Larrry Higginbotham,  Admissions Chairman

Larrry Higginbotham, Admissions Chairman

Jonny Ballinger,  Work Placement Chairman

Jonny Ballinger, Work Placement Chairman

Barton Kimbro  Pastoral Liason

Barton Kimbro
Pastoral Liason

Vicki Simmons  Speaker Series Chair & TFI Board Member

Vicki Simmons
Speaker Series Chair & TFI Board Member

Deborah Coleman  Fellows Director

Deborah Coleman
Fellows Director

The Fellows Committee:

Jonny Ballinger, David Bowen, Gil Brandon, Danny Donavan, Marissa Duarte, Mary Edwards, Larry Higginbotham, Camille Holmes, Morgan Hoog, Tyler Hoog, McKee Humphreys, Audrey Hurst, Jordan Jeffers, Barton Kimbro, Isaac O’Hare, Rachael Miller, Nate Patton, Debbie Perkins, Chris Porter, Chase Presson, Emalea Reickhoff, Kelsey Rivers, Christina Roberts, Brian Schneider. Tee Shipmon, Grace Simmons, Vicki Simmons, Mike Warner, Susan Washam, Kem Wilson, Norma Wilson

The Fellows Initiative

The Fellows Initiative (TFI) started in 2006 as an outgrowth of the original Fellows program that was created and developed by The Falls Church Anglican, located just outside Washington DC. In response to growing interest in the Fellows Program model, TFI was founded to train, encourage, and support churches that are interested in applying the Fellows program model to their local context. Today, the Fellows Initiative is a network of more than 20 church-based Fellows programs aimed to equip the rising generation of Christian leaders with a holistic understanding of faith that transforms culture. Through its best practices, regular training, conferences, coaching, on-going support, and other efforts TFI works specifically to: Cultivate existing Fellows Programs, Catalyze new Fellows Programs, and Connect Fellows Programs and TFI Alumni